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SEO Keywords: WordPress plugin to optimize an article

Are you tired of writing content on the web without having the return you expected? Are you tired of working hard on a single article and then getting few results? If you often find yourself in this circumstance, then SEO Keywords is the ideal plugin that will succeed in turning your website around. Thanks to our innovative plugin, in fact, you will be able to enhance your content in an optimal way, thus obtaining a considerable increase in traffic and visibility within your website.

Stop losing money in a useless way, finally every penny spent will be valued guaranteeing enormous advantages for you and your website.

SEO Keywords: how the plugin works to improve results

SEO Keywords is an exceptional plugin that can provide an important key to reading every single article. Thanks to our plugin you will be able to view the keywords for which the article in question is positioned on the Google search engine; you will see, after a simple click, a detailed Search Console analysis of the article in question.

In this way you will be able to understand which keywords you will need to focus your speech on so as to best enhance your work. SEO Keywords will be able to provide you with important advice and suggestions in line with your needs.

The plugin has the characteristic of indicating a score that varies from 1 to 100 for each keyword; thanks to the score you will be able to better understand if the work on a specific keyword was productive and possibly work to improve the result.

All these indications are provided thanks to the use and exploitation of numerous algorithms capable of giving fast and effective answers. If you follow SEO Keywords, your results on the web and visibility of your site will increase and grow.

How to use SEO Keywords

Find out how to use SEO Keywords thanks to this short video

What are they and how do you choose keywords?

A keyword is any word that is entered into Google. Every day, web users search for numerous keywords within Google and this causes a different search volume to be generated among the searches performed.

In this context, a site tries to thoroughly analyze the keywords of its target, trying in every way to select the correct ones to position itself better than its competitors.

How to do a keyword research

Keyword research is the activity with which you search for the ideal keywords for your content. Each SEO Specialist can decide to set his own strategy by choosing the most common and widespread keywords (competitiveness will be higher) or it is possible to select niche ones, i.e. all those keywords with medium-low search volumes that will certainly have a lower competitiveness.

Short tail keywords

The first type of keywords that can be used during proper SEO management are short tail keywords, also known as short tail keywords. This term refers to all keywords that have three or fewer terms in them (for example, “SEO optimization”).

This type of keywords usually have high search volumes and a much higher competition than long tail because they represent needs and generic requests that users ask themselves on the web more frequently.

You will certainly have the opportunity to reach more audiences and greater visibility with this type of keywords, but, on the other hand, the costs to be incurred will certainly be higher and the conversion rate will probably be lower.

Long tail keywords

Long tail keywords are a type of keywords constructed with at least four terms (for example, “SEO Specialist in Milan”, “How to use WordPress as a professional”).

Long tail keywords are very specific about a particular topic and this means that their search volume is much lower than short tail keywords.

The search volume is directly proportional to the competitiveness and this means that the competition regarding these keywords is very low.

Consequently, the costs to be incurred will be lower than the short tail and the resulting conversion rate will be considerably higher.


The plugin we offer you is 100% compatible and fully functional with Yoast SEO.

The installation of the plugin is completely free and gives you 10 credits that you can use to test the plugin.

Credits are a “currency” that is used for each use of the plugins. You can buy credits at any time by choosing one of the numerous rates offered.

SEO Keywords is the ideal plugin with which you will be able to enhance your content in an optimal way by exponentially increasing the results deriving from them

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