SEO Quick Images: WordPress plugin for Image Optimization SEO

SEO Quick Images: WordPress plugin to automate the insertion of images

Are you tired of having to waste unnecessary time to insert images in an article? Would you like to invest your time in more useful and functional activities for your business?

Here, you are in the right place then. Finally, you will have a WordPress Plugin available that will carry out this tedious activity in a completely automated way in a few minutes. Thanks to SEO Quick Images you will be able to optimize your images by inserting alt title and alt tag in the best possible way. You will immediately see a marked improvement in results and a exponential growth in visits.

How to quickly insert images automatically on WordPress thanks to SEO Quick Images

SEO Quick Images is an innovative plugin that can revolutionize your life. Thanks to its ease of use and its ad hoc SEO features, you can automatically insert any number of images within each article / page of your website. In fact, with a simple click, you can insert as many images as you like, while choosing the size of the images and their precise alignment within the text.

This tedious activity often takes a lot of time because you have to choose the correct images and enter the Title and Alt Tag for each image. For each image, therefore, an average of 2-4 minutes of time are lost and this is absolutely not profitable.

With our plugin you will finally have to wait just a few moments and, after an automated process, all images will be optimized for SEO. In this way you will be able to obtain numerous benefits, such as increased traffic and visibility within your site.

How to use SEO Quick Images

Find out how to easily use our SEO Images plugin!

How to use SEO Quick Images: Step-by-Step Tutorial

The insertion of images within a text (and its consequent SEO optimization) is an activity that, more often than not, is neglected because it is considered unprofitable. This belief is actually completely wrong and counterproductive to your website.

Let’s discover SEO Quick Images, an Image SEO Plugin that will change your life.

SEO Quick Images: a perfect WordPress plugin to add Alt Title and Alt Tag

Optimizing the images of your website is synonymous with improving the ranking, traffic and visibility on Google, the main web search engine.

Google, in fact, operates by carrying out a complete scan of all websites and assigning each one a score that will be used to determine a final ranking. 

However, when Google’s automatic system finds content with only text and no images (or badly optimized) it assigns an important decriminalization to the site in question.

This decriminalization will inevitably lead to a collapse in traffic and audience on your portal and a consequent decrease in conversions and profits. 

In this context, first of all, the insertion of images becomes fundamental but, subsequently, also their precise optimization in terms of SEO.

To optimize images from an SEO perspective, you need to take care of the Alt Tag and Title of each image. Let’s try to understand what it is more precisely.

Name, Alt Tag and Title: what they are and how to optimize them on WordPress

Taking care of the Alt Tag and Alt Title of an image means doing a good SEO optimization of your content. Don’t underestimate this aspect!

The Alt attribute is fundamental because it has the express purpose of explaining any image through a few words of text. 

The Alt Tag, in fact, provides important information on the image so as to make the reader understand the latter even without having to see it (it is essential if there are problems with loading or with the browser).

From an SEO perspective, the Alt Tag must be designed as a perfect combination of target keywords and usability within Google. 

Only in this way is it possible to optimize the Alt attribute in an effective and profitable way for your website. 

A lack of the Alt Tag could lead to a significant loss of ranking and visibility within the search engine. Therefore, pay close attention to this factor.

How to use SEO Images
Plugin SEO Images

As for the Title attribute, however, the general concept is very similar to that used for the Alt Tag but, at the same time, the Title setting is completely different.

The title of the image is used to provide the reader with a brief description of the image in order to improve his understanding. 

The Title attribute, therefore, must explain the general subject of the photo with extreme precision and must necessarily differ from the Alt Tag. 

This way you can be sure that you have optimized your images correctly. 

The title of the image is used to provide the reader with a brief description of the image in order to improve his understanding. The Title attribute must explain the general subject of the photo with precision and must differ from the Alt Tag.

This way you can be sure that you have optimized your images correctly


The plugin we offer you is 100% compatible and fully functional with Yoast SEO.

The installation of the plugin is completely free and gives you 10 credits that you can use to test the plugin.

Credits are a “currency” that is used for each use of the plugins. You can buy credits at any time by choosing one of the numerous rates offered.

SEO Images is the ideal plugin to improve the ranking and visibility of your website. By inserting SEO-optimized images, in fact, you can enjoy an increase in web traffic. Thanks to SEO Quick Images you can optimize your images by inserting the alt tag and alt title of each image with a simple click.

In case of any problem you can read our FAQ or you can contact us by email.

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